About Us

Maryland’s Premier Endurance Athletes!

Founded in 2002, The Mid Maryland Triathlon Club (MMTC) was created with the vision of bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who enjoyed swimming, biking, running, and other endurance sports. The club’s foundation is rooted in empowering members of all backgrounds and fitness levels to become healthier versions of themselves through the challenge of endurance sports.

MMTC is a USAT-sanctioned, 501(c)(3)* non-profit club supported by approximately 200 dues-paying members. The club’s uniqueness stems from our members and the individuality each one brings to the club. We are a “decision by vote” club and hold member-based elections for our board of directors. 

Our annual dues cover the cost of club events, race support, clinics/workouts, and a variety of discounts and benefits.
The club runs a Mentor program as well as a Beginner Triathlete Program to guide those just starting out to a fun and successful first triathlon.

The club is a volunteer, community-based organization dedicated to providing support to area athletes. Our members include everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans. We also support those that prefer to focus on a single event or have retired from the sport.  

We value the diversity of our members and enjoy meeting them where they are in their journey, as well as sharing the knowledge and resources we have gained as a progressing club. We have partnerships within the local community as well as with top names in the sport.

Ultimately, the purpose of MMTC is to promote a community of wellness through physical activity and education in the realm of endurance sports. 

*Contributions or donations to the club are NOT tax deductible.

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