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Volunteer of the Year

Each January, Mid Maryland Triathlon Club presents one of its club members with the Volunteer of the Year Award. The club member must have shown outstanding dedication and service to the club during the previous year. This award was first given in 2005 and the plaque with each name below is proudly displayed at Princeton Sports.

2013 - Mary Podbielski
Our Volunteer of the Year has had the toughest job this year. For some reason, we have been struggling to get folks out to support other members. Sadly, it is always the same folks that answer the call, but in those cases when they don't, you will find Mary P. taking up the charge. She is a true leader and puts her money where her mouth is. Her passion for both the sport and the club is commendable. No matter the hardship you will always find Mary P. there with a smile on her face ready to step in. "As planning began for the MMTC Kids Tri we saw an increased level of participation from para-tris and had the dilemma of preparing the pathway for the run portion of the tri. Without batting an eye Mary P and her landscaping firm, No Pink Flamingos, stepped in and re-graded and brought in packed surfacing material to ensure that all of our athletes had the safest possible course available to them. Mary epitomizes what it means to be a member of the Mid Maryland Tri Club family, like a doting parent she is always there looking out for our best interest. Our club is better because of her involvement!" - Bryan M.
2012 - Bryan McMillan
MMTC started a mentoring program years ago to help members gain advanced knowledge about triathlons. Bryan took on the leadership role of Mentoring Coordinator and matched up scores of members with mentors. He organized many hands-on clinics, such as bike maintenance, tire changing, and transition sessions. Mentor of the Year could not have been selected without Bryan organizing the nominations. He made sure the Mentoring Program was a success and continued in the MMTC tradition of giving back to its members. In addition, Bryan approached the BoD with the idea of taking over the TriAtholton Kids Triathlon, which decided not to continue the annual event. He brought together the two groups and formed a new partnership to make this event happen again in 2012. With the VP of Operations role vacant, Bryan raised his hand yet again, devoting his time to ensure the triathlon's success. He led the team and worked through obstacles with the help of his committee. Job well done, Bryan. MMTC is proud to honor Bryan McMillan as Volunteer of the Year for 2012.
2011 - Bill Veihmeyer
One volunteer in particular this year went above and beyond any expectation. He used his creativity with something we have done for a number of years made the events he organized that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Bill Veihmeyer was Mr. Run/Bike/Run, handling everything from transportation of the bike racks to coordinating volunteers for timing the participants. This is one of our most popular club activites each week during the summer, and Bill kept everything running smoothly so that our members could enjoy this unique training experience.
2010 - Heather Beutel
There is nothing that Heather hasn't done for the club this year! She tirelessly showed up at various venues in the region cheering, providing support, and helping with the club tent. She was also key in obtaining a corporate sponsorship from PF Changs, now one of the club's biggest sponsors. Her endless smile and positive attitude are easily contagious and were a welcome site wherever she showed up.
2009 - Dawn Rudolph
This awardee stands out above all others when it comes to volunteering. Remember the 5am mid town Columbia Runs last winter or leading the Saturday morning bike rides? How about the track workouts at Hammond High School last summer? Volunteering at trash pick ups, the Columbia Triathlon tent, and 24 Hours of Booty - all the while maintaining her training and racing throughout the year. She is one of a kind with that great smile and heart of gold. If you need something, ask Dawn Rudolph. She is always willing to step up to the plate and help out!
2008 - Michele Bull
It has been inspiring to track Michele's participation in the sport since she became a triathlete and a Club member four years ago. Since then she has steadily increased her level of participation and performance in the sport, moving from sprint to olympic to Half IM distances and is registered for IM Florida in 2009. She has picked up a nice collection of hardware in the process. Over the past year, she has taken an active leadership role in the Club. She has put a lot of time, effort and commitment into our mentoring program and has held clinics for people new to triathlon before the Tri to Win and Iron Girl races. In 2008, she started a new Iron Girl training group and made herself available to lead rides and answer questions all summer while always making it a priority to spend quality time with her family. Michele has also volunteered at many Club events: staffing the rest stop at the first all-Club Howard County bike ride with her daughters,doing trash pick up on our Adopt-a-Road project and just jumping in whenever help was needed. Michele personifies the ideal of striving for personal excellence with the same passion she devotes to teaching and supporting those who are just getting started. She is an outstanding example of the service and leadership our Club values so highly.
2007 - Andrea Warfel
Andrea Warfel was selected for her outstanding service at monthly club meetings. She stepped up and assumed the duties of overseeing the sales of club products when the officer who was previously in charge vacated the position. Andrea arrived early for every meeting, set up the display, answered members' questions, devised a system to keep track of inventory and very responsibly collected and tallied all the sales then turned the proceeds over to the Club Treasurer. Her warm and welcoming manner personified the image that is the hallmark of our Club.
2006 - Arnat Vale
Arnat put in many hours volunteering at our club tent throughout the 2006 season, running our Run-Bike-Run workouts and generally pitching in wherever help was needed and without waiting to be asked. Arnat contributed generously to MMTC through time and effort and the plaque he received cannot really measure up to everything he did for our club. His achievement was particularly noteworthy because while he was busy helping he managed to keep an extremely full race schedule, doing something nearly every week! This was not an easy decision and we thank all the other folks who contributed to make our club so succesful. Thanks, Arnat, thanks for being there for us, taking care of us and keeping our spirits high!
2005 - Dave Jordan
Dave was the original "run-bike-run guy". Dave showed up each week at the Gateway loop with the bike racks and timing equipment. He is credited with starting this tradition which now boasts a large following. He received a plaque and his name is added as the first volunteer of the year for the Mid Maryland Triathlon Club.